Spawn and retain voxels in given location, to create usable voxel meshes

I would like to have a package with which it is possible to give in a set of coordinates for voxels to be placed and create a voxel mesh from the placed voxels.
ViciousNL made a script that makes it possible to already create a mesh ingame (or in simulation), but the mesh of voxels has to be created each time a game start. After the game ends, the voxels will disappear.
You can use Voxelizer: to upload a 3D object made in a 3D program like Blender, or downloaded from a 3D model site and turn it into a voxelized model.

So we already can import this model to Crayta by downloading that as text file and put it in a script, that works. But we can’t retain the voxels, to use them in a voxel mesh. For me, I would like to have that, so I can break the mesh down in pieces and animate them to have walking dinosaurs.

Is there anybody who could make a package for this?

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Here is an example of a dinosaur made in Crayta with the script. But as soon as you exit preview, it disappears :frowning:

Also, as you see I printed it in the wrong direction, my bad.

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As the ‘viciousNL’ that wrote the printing script I am also eager for such a package.

The possibilities are very exciting! Here’s a screenshot and video:

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Who at Unit2 are the voxel magicians who might be able to help us make extracting/saving simulated voxelmeshes a reality? :innocent: