Spawning Entity with Physics-Enabled Child in a Schedule Spawns 2 Children

Describe the bug: If you spawn an entity that has a physics-enabled child entity, from within a schedule, the physics-enabled child entity will be spawned twice.

How do you cause this bug?

  • Create a template with a mesh as the child entity and turn on physics on that mesh.
  • Spawn that template from within a schedule.

Screenshots / video of bug:

Which platform: Stadia

Which input: keyboard + mouse

Your Crayta username: ekelrock

Game seen in (including “Hub” or “Editor for XYZ”): I created a demo specifically for this bug, it’s called “Physics Spawn Bug”

How regularly do you see this? (E.g. 2/3 times - please try 3 times if possible): In one game I was working on, every time I tried to spawn the template from within the schedule. It happens every time in the demo mentioned above.

Time + date seen: Nov 29, 2021 - 12:02PM est

Version number (found in Help tab in Settings): 0.d5.9.111485

Hiya @ekelrock,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, I have submitted a ticket for our internal team to investigate this issue further. :slight_smile: