Spellfire is a top-down battle royale spellslinger simulator.

Fight other mages in quick deathmatch, buy one from four groups of spells: movement, defense, attack, manipulation.

Avoid falling into lava around shrinking island.

Survive in 5 rounds to become the mage arena champion.

Play: Spellfire (crayta.com)


  • spell upgrades
  • more spells (about 10 more)
  • select magic school for your character
  • mobile specific controls



Use on PC: Q
Default spell

Fireball throws fire projectile, which blows on impact with any target, deals direct damage on hit, area damage in small range and knockbacks all targets in area.


Use on PC: E
Default spell

Blast requires pause, while player movement is blocked, then deals damage in area around caster and applies knockback to all targets within it. It also deals damage to caster.

Movement Spells

Use on PC: R


Thrust moves caster toward selected destination until it is reached. Every target hit by caster while thrust is active, would get direct damage and knocked back.


Teleport immediately teleports caster to destination.

Destruction Spells

Use on PC: Z


Boomerang throws blade projectile, which circles forward and returns back to be collected.
When boomerang hits target, it deals direct damage, applies knockback and changes movement direction.


Homing throws energy projectile, which selects closest target, approaches it on spiral trajectory and blows on hit, dealing direct damage and area damage with knockback.


Lightning immediately hits target between you and selected position. It deals direct damage and small area damage around the hit as well as triggers knockback.

Ground Spells

Use on PC: Z

Fire Spray

Fire spray produces three fire streams, which persist in one place for the duration of the spell. Every player within the spell effect would receive continuous damage.

Defensive Spells

Use on PC: V


Shield enables magic shield for small time.
It deflects incoming projectiles and protects from all other incoming damage as well.

Shadow Wind

Shadow Wind increases speed of mage movement and makes them invisible. When collided with any opponent, the shadow wind would discharge, which stops invisibility and speed bonus and applies direct damage to hit target, radial damage and knockback. Casting any other spell when shadow wind is active, deactivates it.

Influence Spells

Use on PC: X


Gravity throws projectile, which pulls every player in the vicinity towards it. It does not impact with anything.


Link throws hook, which binds you and target together for short duration. If target is another mage - they would be pulled to you, otherwise you would be pulled to target. Mage would be constantly receiving small damage while pulled.

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Balancing update 07.06.2022


Moved to Influence Spells group (on PC: X).

Link would be now giving small constant damage while mage is being pulled by it.

Lava Damage

Lava damage would be now attributed to the last player, who caused the damage.

Update 26.06.2022


Spell is changed significantly.

Now projectile would stop after short time. It strongly pulls players towards it while it lasts now. Besides it, it also pulls all projectiles towards it.

New Spell: Fire Spray

This spell is added to the new group: C spells (on PC).

Fire spray produces three fire streams, which persist in one place for the duration of the spell. Every player within the spell effect would receive continuous damage.


Fixed bug when lightning did not cause knockback.

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Added some simple touch controls

New spell: Silence

Two waves sent when clash in the middle would silence any opponents

New spell: Entangle

Greatly reduces movement speed of opponent when it hits


Made lighting looking nicer