Squadron 94

Game Name : SQUADRON 94

Creators : Rosey and Kay
Created for Crayta $50,000 Game Jam - ‘Shaping the Future’ September 2022

Game Description :
Squadron 94 is a Solo or Co-op space adventure set in the year 2756. Earth is in disarray, resources have been exhausted and you, the ESF (Elite Space Force) have to take out Alien species and power up new planets for excavation and forging a new Future for the human race.

Having pushed what Crayta can do this game is still a work in progress and some bugs can be found. We plan on adding much, much more content in the future.

Packages Used : Mighty Animations by MightyKho, Class Selector and Text adventure package package by Ekelrock, NPC Enemies by Vilva, NUI XP and Levelling by Nomaki, Dungeon Portals by Slaying, Advanced Quest System by Sovereign Games, Flight Package by Mochi


Your mission is to destroy enemies, collect energy cells to be able to power up the planets. Mine Asteroids for Rhenium, sell it for credits to buy ammo.

Choose between 3 different Fighter Ships

‘Power up the Planet’

Interact with Planet Models in Mission center to start new ‘Power Up the Planets’ mission

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‘Mine Asteroids’
Interact with Emma to start ‘Mining asteroids’ mission. Destroy asteroids, pick up Rhenium that they drop sell for credits to be able to buy ammo

Command Center

Use this entrance to enter Command Center and Shop

Low on charge? Dock on this charging station to recharge your ship