Stack Scrappers

Game Name : Stack Scrappers
Contributors : Cereal and DryCoast (DryCereal)
Share Link : Crayta

Description :

It’s every robot for themselves when it comes to scavenging parts in the scrapyard but collecting spare parts doesn’t come without danger; A malfunctioning magnet is out of control and it’s attracted to the most magnetic presence in the area. That could be you if you have collected the most gears. Beware, if it gets ahold of you, you’ll be tossed like a lifeless cold steel box into the incinerator.

You’ll have a hard time outrunning the magnet. Use the stacks of train carts to keep it from getting to you. You may distract it just long enough to collect some more and buy some time. You won’t make it out in the open for long so make sure to have cover nearby.

At your disposal, you have three abilities. A push, a pull and a boost jump.

Push your enemies into the magnet that they’re running from.

If the magnet is chasing you, pull someone passed you to sacrifice them instead.

If the magnet is slowly creeping on you and you need just a little extra to get to a safe train stack, boost yourself to safety. This has a much longer cooldown than the other two abilities so don’t use this unless you need to!

Keep your eyes open for anyone running from the magnet for an easy kill but steer clear of it’s path!

Recommended: At least 2 Players. Playable as single player but way more fun with another to “scrap” with.

Stack Scrappers - Update in celebration for being in the hub

  • Visual improvements
  • Players now move faster
  • Magnet now moves faster
  • Magnet returns picked up objects to the furnace slower, giving more free time to players
  • Added delay before magnet starts hunting at the start of the round
  • Traincart lights are now green if they’re accessible
  • Added loading screen
  • Added instructions
  • “Currently Hunting” widget is now hidden during the scoreboard
  • Magnet’s position is now reset for new rounds, instead of starting where it stopped last round
  • Upgraded to new lighting system