Stamina Plus

Stamina Plus is a robust, flexible and easy to use stamina system for your games.


  • Handles stamina based sprint , roll, jump and mantle out of the box
  • Easy to tweak behaviour with editor properties
  • Comes with several different styles of UI to choose from and 6 different colour pre-sets to get you going
  • Customize the placement and appearance of the UI right from the editor without having to touch code
  • Almost entirely event driven to maximize performance. Any logic over time is handled through schedules outside the main thread
  • A simple API to leverage Stamina Plus with your own custom game mechanics


Find the full docs here: Stamina Plus Docs


Hi, this is the package I never knew I wanted but it’s perfect. It’s so easy to use but so powerful. Brilliant work, love this package.

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Thank you! Glad you’re liking it.

Hi, I’m having some unpredictable behaviour with this package. So sometimes when I hold down the sprint button it seems to toggle the sprint on and my sprint will stay on until I toggle it off. Other times as soon as I release the sprint button then the player stops running (as I would expect)

Not sure if this is a problem with the package, or a problem with Crayta.

Hey, is this happening when you’ve run out of stamina and are starting to regenerate it?

No, always happens when you have stamina. Sometimes it sticks until you press the sprint button again, other times works only when you press the button.

If you want to test it, try the game I’ve just updated. Called Crayta Football.