Starter: Abandoned Temple Treasure - Crayta Game Jam 2022

Hi, I am developer of “Starter: Abandoned Temple Treasure” Blueprint For Crayta.

This Blueprint includes a parkour + puzzle Treasure Map and 3 scripts.
Scripts -

  1. Open/Close Chest.

  2. Open Door From Interaction.

  3. Take Treasure.
    Here’s How To Use It-

  4. Open/Close Chess - Either You Can Just Use The Entity Already in Game, Or you can make your own Chest and add my script to it, don’t forget to change name of open and close animation.

  5. Open Door - Either Just Use Already Made Door or Paste The Script On Door, And Add a interaction event on any thing, add our door to it, select Open Door Script.

  6. Take Treasure - Just Paste Script And Select Sound, It Destroys Object