Starter: Domination

Hello and welcome to this guide on how to create a Game using the Starter: Domination Blueprint!

What is Domination?

Domination is an extremely popular Game Mode in Shooting Games where two teams constantly compete to capture 3 or more “Control Points” spread across the Map. When a Team captures a Control Point and maintains control of it, their score increases by a certain amount every few seconds. The more points that they have under their control, the faster their score increases. The Team that has the higher score before the Round ends, Wins.

The Rules of Domination

  • When equal number of Players from both Teams are inside the same Control Point, that Point is regarded to be “Contested” and the Control Progress stops unless the number of Players becomes unequal again, either by Players stepping out of the Control Point or being Killed.

  • When a captured Control Point is being captured by Players from the opposite team of the Captor, that Control Point stops increasing the Captor Team’s Score unless the enemy Players are Killed and the Point Regenerates to the Captured state again.

  • There are no points for killing Players, only for capturing and maintaining control of Control Points


  • You can add as many Control Points as you want

  • Two of my Packages come preinstalled with this Blueprint:

Entity Health, Looting System And Progress Bars

Round Based (Player And Team) Buffs And Debuffs And Event Controller

How to Add Control Points

1. Place a Control Point Template in your Game World


2. Add it to the Control Points Handler on the Player

Click on the [+] icon on the Control Points Array and add the Trigger of your Control Point to that Element

That’s it!

3. If you’re adding more than 5 Control Points…

Open the controlPointsHandlerScript on the Control Points Handler and copy and paste these lines of Code

if self.playerIsInsideTriggerNumber == 5 then[5].controlPointScript:HandlePlayerDeath(teamNumber)

Change the number to whatever the number of the new Control Point is. Copy and paste these lines as many times as the Control Points you want to add in your Game. Remember to change the number in the Code correctly.

Make sure to add these function Bindings for your Control Points on the Game Controller so they reset every Round. Also, add the Bindings to stop increasing Team Scores when the Round Ends. These have already been set up on the Game Controller for the 3 Points present so you can take a look at that.

That’s it!

Congratulations on finishing this guide to the Starter: Domination Blueprint! To create a Game using this Blueprint, go to Create->Create A New Game and search for Starter: Domination!
Go ahead and Create something amazing in Crayta!

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to reach out to me on Crayta’s Discord at Varun#8144 I’ll be happy to jump into your Game and help you out!

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