Starter: Infection

This is a blueprint for an infection style game mode.

Infection is a modified elimination game. When the game starts, everyone is healthy. You can run around and hide.

When the lobby timer ends, one player will be randomly selected to become infected. They must infect other players by hitting them with their melee weapon.
When a player becomes infected, they switch teams and must now hunt other players.

Infected wins by turning all other players infected, while survivors win by surviving the round with at least 1 survivor left.


  • Survivor Player
  • Infected Player
  • Knife
  • Pistol
  • infectionGameScript
  • userInfectionScript


The game will work as is, all you have to do is build a map, however it’s beneficial to update the various assets in the blueprint to fit your theme.

The infected and survivor players are both separate templates. You can modify these templates to attach objects to either player to make them visually distinct. For example, maybe you attach a giant skull to the head of the Infected Player to make them stand out.

The Inventory template is placed directly on each Player template. This lets you modify the default loadout of the player separately for both the infected and survivor players.

By default, the Infected Player wields a knife, and the Survivor Player wields a pistol. You can either modify these templates directly, or go to the appropriate player template and modify the Inventory → Default script to change to a different item entirely.

In addition to the weapon differences, the Infected Player also moves 25% faster than the survivor.