Starter: Treasure Hunt Blueprint

Hi :)

This blueprint deliver the base for you to develop the Treasure Hunt game that you always wanted to make, with simple and easy to learn material

not that I could do complex material anyway lol

This forum post is an step-by-step tutorial on how to quickly setup a simple treasure hunt scene in minutes.


1- First of all let's set up the timer so that in a little bit we can properlly test the start trigger.

We have to first go to the user template, click the "World" name in the up right of the editor, after that go to user:

And then right click “User” in the inspector an the go user-> create child-> script folder-> User Countdown Timer

Then mess with the properties to leave them the way that you like. I suggest leaving the start time at 0;

2- Now let's configure the start door of the searching area.

In the far right of the editor go to templates and click the start door template and drag it to the start of your searching area:

Now that the door is in the scene you can configure its properties to anything you want. I suggest leaving isStartTrigger, resetTimer and addTime, additional time is the time the door will add to the timer when you pass through it, if the start time is 0 the additional time will be the total time of the timer.

3- At last let's make any objects of your choice be "collectable".

To do this just put the object of your choice anywhere in the scene and then go to the far right of the editor again, but this time for the scripts tab, now find the “collectable” script and just click and drag it to the properties of the object of your choice:

Now you can interact with the object and make it disapear.

Thank you

This is all, thank you for the time, sorry if i couldn't deliver more, this is my first creation and i just heard about Crayta four days ago, next creations will have more quality overall.