"Status Screen Effects" Package

Package Name: Status Screen Effects
Creator: Unairf, Tumbak7 & ThyrisFlare | Azahara_Gmz
Showcase: Crayta

This package will allow you to add visual events to your games, in an easy and quite intuitive way.

Some are designed for traps or dirty places, others when you suffer damage or a nearby enemy explodes and others more for dangerous environments, such as cold, but these are just some tips, you choose how to use them because you can vary them as you please.

List of main effects:

  • Low Health
  • Corruption
  • Darkness
  • Spider Web
  • Poison
  • Frozen
  • Burn
  • Shock
  • Slime Blue
  • Slime Green
  • Slime Purple
  • Slime Yellow

This are the bases. The widgets are prepared so that you can change their color tone or some parameters and even so that the animation is triggered in a loop or not, including also a sound. This way you can have a huge variety of effects and customize it just the way you want for your game.

To use it you have to:

  • Drag & drop User - Status Effects folder into User . You can remove any effect (folder) you don’t want to use, but you have to remove it also from the widgets array.
  • Drag & Drop World - Status Effect template into the world tree

In the package we have included a trigger with some functions already ready so that you have no problem using it even if you don’t know much about code.

You can customize an effect in two different ways:

  • Customize an existing one - Each effect has its own widget with properties you can customize:
    * isLoop - Check it if you want the effect to loop
    * tickRate - Change the frequency (in milliseconds) with which images are changed
    * images - List of images that will be displayed
    * Appearance - There you can change some image settings like opacity, contrast and grayscale.

  • Create a new effect - You can create a new effect by duplicating an existing widget and changing its name, but also you will have to:
    * Add the widget name to the statusTriggerScript script (image)
    * Go to User - Status Effects → statusEffectsHandlerScript and add the widget to the widgets array.

It’s highly recommend it to use this package with Splash screen (by Nomaki). The first time you spawn one of the effects, it takes a bit to load it, so we are making a preload of all of it when the player enters in the game (all hidden by the Splash screen).

Oh! And also you can change the framerate in case you want a faster or slower animations!

We hope you like it and find it useful.

Thanks to everyone! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: