Strife - Global Game Jam 2022

Game Name: Strife
Genre: Team Based Third Person Shooter
Authors: DryCoast & Cereal
Share Link: Crayta

The kingdom is under strife in a war between Knights and Sorcerers. We must bring bring down our opponents shrine if we are to protect ourselves.

Do not fret if you perish in battle, for you can traverse the underworld and return to the land of living! Bring your spirit to one of your team’s captured portals, and re-join the living. However, should you linger in the underworld, you may find powerful modifications for your soul. Balance your time in the underworld for maximum effect.

The shrines contain very powerful explosives. Gather them to bring your team to victory.
Capture the guard tower for even more explosive firepower.

Special Thanks

  • Mighty Animations - MightyKho
  • Black Hole - SevenDos


February 11th update

  • There is now an OVERTIME mode. When the round time runs out, and people are actively pushing the card, the game will continue. Upon the payload being idle, a 15 second timer will begin. If no one starts pushing the cart before it ends, the round will end.
  • The payload will now move faster with more players around it. This value will likely need to be adjusted after feedback friday
  • The scoreboard is now hidden by default. Hold V to open the scoreboard.
  • The scoreboard now includes stats for kills, deaths, and captures
  • When capturing a control point, there is now a progress bar indicating your progress.
  • The round score is now based on total progress. If the round ends without a winner, the winner will be decided by who is currently succeeding the cart push
  • The shotgun’s aim assist has been adjusted
  • The shotgun’s spread has been increased
  • Various performance improvements
  • Various cosmetic changes

February 23rd update

  • Fixed a problem with the scoreboard rendering incorrect players
  • Fixed a problem where players could spawn at other players portals
  • Any player from the enemy team entering a pushing payload will stop the payload
  • Speed scaling by number of players has been dramatically reduced, but still present
  • Pushed scoreboard stats to the right side of the scoreboard, to give more room to the name
  • Fixed a problem where the payload icon wasn’t changing to the color of the pushing team
  • If the round ends while capturing a point, the capture progress bar will no longer persist on the screen
  • Fixed a bug where if the player died during the results screen, their ghost settings would persist the following round
  • Overtime timer becomes progressively shorter as overtime goes on
  • Fixed a small delay before overtime timer properly displays the progress towards depletion, after everyone vacates the payload
  • Made the overtime ui moderately less gawdy
  • Added a global control point status indicator to the HUD
  • Add a contested message when payload is paused due to enemy players
  • Minimum players to start is now 4

March 06 2022

  • Possibly fixed the scoreboard including duplicate players and players on the wrong team
  • Fixed the inability to sprint in certain situations

March 13 2022

  • Remove low-health effects
  • Fixed being able to use enemy portals
  • Added a sound when you get a headshot
  • Add a kill feed with icons for each weapon
  • Fixed a visual bug where the payload direction arrow would display even while the payload was contested
  • Contested message is now “Payload Contested” to avoid confusion
  • Fixed a problem where the contested message was overlapping the capture point states ui
  • Fixed a bug where a user joining the game would reset the control point UI for all users
  • Fixed control point indicators not reflecting current state of control points when joining in-progress game
  • Greatly reduced blunderbuss spread angle
  • Slightly reduced shot delay on the blunderbuss
  • Greatly adjusted blunderbuss aim assist
  • Greatly increased shotgun range, but also greatly increased damage falloff
  • Sped up crossbow aim assist
  • Added damage falloff to crossbow, headshots are still 1-hit-kills
  • Added interact prompt to potions
  • Fixed a bug causing you to spawn with less-than-full ammo