Stutter steps/Rubberbanding of players

I’m starting to see the same stutter/rubberband issue in other games (even prop hunt) that I have also been dealing with in my own. After a certain amount of time that the server/session is active - the players start running in a stutter motion where it looks like the server and client aren’t agreeing where that player is and the server keeps resetting them backward. It starts out feeling like you’re running into small imaginary temporary walls and eventually ends up with a larger and larger distance gap as time goes on. This usually shows up after around 15-20 of the server running minutes (in mine anyway). Up until that first point, everything runs nice and smooth.

Steps to reproduce:
Run Angels vs Demons for 10-15-20 minutes, run around
Stutter steps will start happening on all clients at the same time i have been using EGS lately.

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Platform: PC
Crayta username: DryCoast
Game seen in: Angels vs Demons
Time + date seen: No specifics. 3/11
(PC only) hardware specs:
GeForce RTX 2070, NA 1gig download/25 up
intel i7