Subway System [Living Cities Jam]

Subway System v1.0

This subway system has been made for the August 2022 “Living Cities” build jam.

This package will add an immersive metro station to your game so that players can enter it and reach any destination inside your game. Alternatively, you can send players to another game. You can have as many stations as your game needs.

Visit the showcase game:

Here is how to configure your subway:

Look for the “Subway System” package in the community tab:

First of all, look for the “Subway_User” template and drop it under your user template:

Then bring the template named Subway into your game world. You can name your subway station however you want. Inside it, you will find a Departure Station and an Arrival Station. The departure station is where your players will find the train, the arrival station is where your players will end up after taking the train. Place the arrival station wherever you want in your game. Feel free to modify the appearance of these stations to your liking.

You can also use this subway system to send players to another game by providing a valid game ID.

  • DetinationName let’s you give a name to the destination of your subway station. This name will be shown on multiple places in the subway station.

  • StopTime is the time, in seconds, that the train will wait for players to embark before closing the doors and moving on.

  • Frequency is the time, in seconds, that players will have to wait for a new train to come. The time left is shown on a big screen.

  • TrainTemplate let’s you choose which train template this station will spawn. You can have many trains that all look different. You just have to modify the provided train template.

  • ArrivalSound and LeavingSound let you change the sounds for when the train arrives and leaves the station.

  • SendToGame enables you to send players to another game instead of a position in the current game. If you check this, make sure to provide a valid game ID.

  • GameId is the game Id that will be used if SendToGame is checked.

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Such a cool idea. Hope someone integrates some of these packages together.

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