Super City System

Super City System - WorldCubes

Create A Vast Customizable City

Itchio Link - Super City System by WorldCubes

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Search for Super City System - WorldCubes, and then install.

About the Package
In this package there is a large selection of Buildings, Roads ,Parks ,River/Canals and more to create a large unique City of your own Layout.
The work together to give a rich and detailed city and are designed to have many plants etc in a detailed and architecturally appealing futuristic eco city.

Most of the assets are a single Voxel Mesh. So its easy to use and very light on resources.

The assets are named like this cs-darkgold-A.
cs is city system ,then a part ‘name’ then if it is of ‘group’ of parts that work together -it is A B C D etc.

The Buildings
The are many buildings in the set. And a lot of them are designed to be recombined with other buildings to create many new interesting combinations.
Some buildings have A B C D parts.
A is ground floor
B C D etc is middle floor parts
and the last letter E is the top level.
But also it is up to you and other ways of arranged them can be done.

so it could be like this:

cs-darkgold-C top level
cs-darkgold-A bottom level

The Roads
There are 4 interchangeable road sub systems
normal roads parts
double width roads parts
elevated roads A
elevated roads B

The Water System
Has various shape corner pieces etc and can be placed between the buildings.
Adding variety and individuality to the city.

Park Parts
Can be combined in different ways.

Signs Vehicles Bridges and more

Over 300 parts in the set.
There are parts that are large in size, so its easier to create a grand scene and that use fewer resources.

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