Tap Input Example

While you can use the Touch UI Showcase under Remix A Game to get an idea on how to use these new mobile touch features, it doesn’t allow you to easily bring them into your own game or even have them as solo examples. We want to share these examples with you when possible, so I have started off by porting the Tap Input Example into a package, with some step by step information on how to set it up.


  1. Search the Community tab for ‘Tap Input Example’ and install the package.

  2. Drag ‘Tap Input Example’ into your world from the Templates library.

  3. Select the User template from the Entities tab

  4. Drag over the FullscreenInteract and UserHiddenObjectTouch into your User template.

  5. Set the defaultPlayer property to your Player template. You may see some errors but these should be easily fixable by looking at what you have dragged into the world.

  6. Exit the User and then expand the tapInputExample hierarchy until you see HiddenObjectGame

  7. In here you need to set the property for gamePlayer to HiddenObjectPlayer and the playLocator to PlayPos that should be in this same hierarchy.

  8. Importantly, you need to select the Game tab and then expand Help > Control Schemes

  9. Select the + next to Control Schemes to add two schemes.

  10. Change the id of the first entry to default and the ide of the next entry to lookOnly

  11. Set the Touch Control Method to Custom for the secondary lookOnly control scheme.

  12. Select Edit Input Labels and refer to the image for how to set this up.

  13. Select the Cog icon on the top-right and enable Simulate Touch in Preview

  14. You should be able to preview and enter the game.