Tavern of Heroes - The Sleepy Mortal

Check your weapons at the door, this world famous tavern can be yours with just a quick download*, and drag and drop it into your world!

*download may not actually be quick

Inspired by the classic Dungeons and Dragons tavern, the Yawning Portal, the Sleepy Mortal features a bottomless* pit that monsters frequently crawl up from. A favorite tavern of heroes, and a staging point for many (in)famous (mis)adventures. There’s plenty of real estate for displaying leaderboards on the wall, making this the perfect social hub. this serves as the perfect hub world for a roguelike or other type of RPG.

*not currently bottomless, you’ll have to make that happen

for real though, check your weapons at the door, they take security very seriously here

Second floor and roof to be completed, but this first floor is highly detailed and should give you plenty of inspiration for how to expand it further yourself. That shouldn’t dissuade you from pulling up a chair in front of this comfy fire, catch a musical performance, and make this tavern your own.

To install, search the community tab for Tavern, you’ll see it, the name is the same as the title here - Tavern of Heroes, The Sleepy Mortal.

If you’d like your version to look the same as the screenshots, these are the world settings I took them under. I almost definitely got those settings from Little Creator :stuck_out_tongue:

This also uses Lookwe#8408’s door package for the doors.

Let me know if you have any problems or questions!