Team HUD

With this package you can add to your games a HUD where you can see the life, name, weapons, stamina… of the every player in the game.

Here’s a list of the things you can see with this package:
:identification_card: Username

:space_invader: Player icon

:mending_heart: Health

:skull: If alive or not (with dead icon)

:school_satchel: Inventory

:crossed_swords: Equipped weapon

:running_woman: Stamina (local player)

:eyes: If local player (you) or not

:moneybag: Currency (local player)

  1. Go to the community section within your game and enter in the search engine: Team HUD
  1. Install it
  1. Go to packages, go to the last installed package and open it
  1. Drag the User - Players Info folder and User Inventory folder to the User template
  1. Drag the World - Players Info Controller folder to the World
  1. Drag Player Heatlh folder and Player Inventory View folder to the Player template
  1. Drag Stamina Plus folder and Stamina Plus UI to the Player Template (if you want stamina in your game)
  1. Drag Weapon HUD Icon folder to every weapon template in the game (if you want customized icons in your inventory)

Once the package is installed you don’t have to do anything else for the HUD to be displayed correctly, but if you want to add the stamina and the weapon icons you have to do other steps:

Stamina check the forum: Stamina Plus

Weapon HUD Icon: You only have to add the UI link to show the icon in the HUD, if you don’t add it, the default icon will be used.

- Can I change the HUD so that the frame is different?
Yes, but you will have to open the widwet to add the new urls, this also affects the player’s death icon.

- Can I use the weapon HUD Icon with another bjects than weapons?
Yes, it works with any object in the inventory but it can only display 2.

- I have questions about how stamina works.
We recommend that you read the forum with respect to this one that we have passed before.

- Up to how many players can I have in my game with this hud?
As many as there are, but the size of the widget is adapted for 4 players, if you have more than 4 players it would be necessary to adapt it (CSS) so that all players can see it correctly.

Packages used:
- Inventory and Health by Unit 2 Games
- Stamina Plus by Cykocys
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