Terms of Service Scroll Not Working

First time starting CRAYTA on Stadia and find myself unable to get past the Terms of Service page. Scrolling is disabled, both with use of controller on Stadia and Chromecast and Stadia on Phone with digital touch screen control.
Stadia App version 3.9.361505850


I ran into the same bug with two different Stadia accounts. Had to use a computer with mouse and keyboard to get past it.

Hi Joshua_Thompson,

Thank you for the bug report. I’m sorry to see multiple members of our community have encountered UI issues while attempting to launch Crayta.

Our internal team is aware of the issue and I’ve updated the ticket with your information.

Loading stadium on a PC allowed me to use the mouse and keyboard to get past the terms of service. As of now that’s the fix.

Thank you for the updated report!
I’ve added that information to the ticket.

I am also having the same issue with getting past the terms of service page on Google Stadia using both Android and Chromecast Ultra

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I am also having this same issue, on Mouse Keyboard on PC, Virtual Gamepad via Phone, Stadia Controller via Chromecast.

I am simply unable to scroll.

Same problem here, with Chromecast Ultra and Stadia controller. It looks like the solution is to go on my computer to accept the TOS, but I’d rather just play something else.

Let us know when it’s fixed.

Same Bug I Have No Access To A Computer. Can Someone Help?

Exact same issue…came here to find a solution.
Heading to my PC now to see if i can get pass this.

Works from PC

Same issue here for just one child account. All the rest of us in the family can accept the terms and play crayta!

Same Issue will not scroll down tried everything on Chromecast and Phone .