Tetris Arcade (Released)

Do you like arcade machines? And Tetris? Then you’ll like Tetris Arcade, where you can play the famous puzzle game in an arcade.
Wait a moment, a game where you play another game? Is this some kind of gameception?
Enter now! You can play solo or watch the games of others while having a coffee in the coffee shop.
And remember, if you want to appear in the wall of fame send us a clip with your highscore to go into the history of Tetris Arcade. Hurry up, before THE BABY eats all of them!

From 1 to 20 players.

Tetris Arcade: https://launch.crayta.com/play/z9tyqs57


This one is so fun.
Added to my favs to show the limitless thinking of craytors !
I want to be able to look around while playing !

Thank you very much!
Sounds really interesting, it’s something that I’ll definitely take into account.