Text localization

Hello, in the api docs there is this article:

Where you can read that a text editor property can be localised.
Could anyone explain me how do I do that?


Trying every possible way. Wrote my message in the text window editor, directly in the property textbox, … But no matter what, when I switch to another language my message is still in english and is not localised to my current language.

Hi Wude, I think the issue here might be that the wording is a little confusing. The phrase used is this:
“Similar to string, but localisable”
Currently Crayta doesn’t have a way of allowing you to localise that text, what it means is that by using a text property, it will be possible to localise it in the future, once that feature becomes available

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Ok, thank you @Adam for clarification! Looking for this feature in the future then