Text Tool Package

Game : Crayta
Contributors : Victorious
Package Name : Text Tool
Description : Show any text in the ‘Circus’ letter meshes. Very easy to use, letters are placed automatically. Unleash your creativity, even longer sentences look great. TextToolPkg lets you control where & what text is in your game world. (More fonts are being made, but are a WIP.).
Category : Script

Example video: Crayta - The Text Tool Package example (new) - YouTube

About the code:If you look through the textToolScript you may think to yourself, ‘why are there so many commented lines?’. That’s right, I’ve tried to explain every step of the functions what the script is doing. If you’re interested in learning to code by poking around in scripts, I encourage you to do it here too! And for the literate programmers among you, see the part below

What do I ask you?:Your feedback, of course! But also if you have tips, things I could add, should change, any of it is welcome feedback.