The Hive Corporation - AC Build Jam: "Top Secret Facility"

Game: Crayta
Contributors: Vicentek and Tumbak7 (Fracaset Games)
Package Name: The Hive Corporation Map
Description: This is a template map multipurpose intended. 7 floors of a secret corporation to use as map and develop other games like adventure, exploration, shooters or even speed runs.
Category: Art

The Hive is organized by several floors to use, cut, delete, decorate or move as you want. It has only 330 entities and it has being 90% mapped using only voxels, that way you can integrate in your existing games without performance problems.

The main zone is floor 1 and it’s attached to the elevator central zone and the emergency stairs. The other floors are independent. “Structure” is a cube for adding a little bit of depth to the external zone, you can add plants or change the texture easily. Remove/hide it to see the horizon, maybe the outer space? You decide, it’s your map now :stuck_out_tongue:

There is also “blocked” office and rollup doors with huge space behind to build more zones and rooms as you need, the same with floors 6 and 7. Actual rooms are only an example of many possibilities you can create with this template. The elevator is not included but there are many packages and scripts that will fit with it.

Feel free to ask if you need help implementing it :slight_smile:

AC Build Jam of “Top Secret Facility” contest.