The Infinite Dungeon

2D dungeon crawler. Many traps, many secrets and loot waiting for you. Find the keys and unlock permanently more places to delve. Are you capable of surviving inside the dungeon?

There are many hidden keys inside the dungeon. This will let you unlock permanently more areas to explore and secrets. The game will have MANY in the future, actually, on the release, you can get 5 keys.

The shop is another important part of the game. Here you can find many useful items, necesary for your expedition. To buy an item, you only have to stay below it and jump.

With an axe you can destroy furniture, crates and barrels to get some gold and get items in the shop.

The dungeon has been designed to kill you, death is part of the game. You will find many traps around and also you can be hurt if you fall from a high place… Beware! (But don’t worry, you won’t lose anything if you die, so relax)

—>>> IMPORTANT: If you play it and see your character camera acting strange, please use photomode (“P” button on PC) twice, that way it fixes. Is a known Crayta bug since last update (Cursed Galleons), so I’m sure it will fix soon.

Also there is a known bug when you receive damage, the full screen will be covered in red. That is not intended and I will fix it soon.

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