The Royal Game of Ur

This ancient multiplayer board game played in 2500 BC has been brought into the 3D metaverse of today. This is the oldest known game in history.

The objective is simple. Get all 7 of your stones to the end of your path before your opponent. You will roll 4 die which have a chance of rolling a one or a zero for a maximum movement of 4. You cannot land on spaces which you currently own. The only contested area of the board is the shared middle lane. If you land on your opponent’s piece, they will be reset back to the beginning. If you land on one of the special stone tiles, you get another roll. Utilize strategy by taking calculated risks on how vulnerable you want your pieces to be by getting ahead of your opponent.

With a bit of luck and a bit of strategy, you’ll be dominating at this simple ancient board game. This game does require two players to play. I intend to update it after with a simple AI to play against.

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