Tile Droppers

Game Information

Contributors: Slaying
Game Name: Tile Droppers
Game Description: Singleplayer & Multiplayer! Drop into this challenging game mode where you go against others to be the last one standing on the tiles! Sabotage others with Orbs to drop the tiles beneath them, and select between different playstyles to switch up the way you play the game.
Special thanks to: Vilva → Music Player

Tile Droppers v 1.1

  • Singleplayer support
  • Reversed order of tiles, from least to most
  • Additional row of tiles
  • Smoother tiles for running across them
  • Spectate between all players in the game
  • New leaderboards
  • Results now show winners
  • Round starting/ending audio queues
  • Performance/bug fixes including respawning and delayed/stuck results screen

Tile Droppers v 1.2

  • Singleplayer changes
  • Updated Lobby area
  • Animated victor/results screen
  • Ever changing environmental colors
  • Randomized Orb spawns
  • Jumper can always jump onto the above layer of tiles
  • Removed Rolling/Break Fall for all playstyles
  • Round starting audio and visual queues
  • Switch spectate camera upon death
  • New leaderboard - Most Orbs Thrown

Tile Droppers v 1.3

  • Redesigned environment and stadium
  • Redesigned Lobby area
  • Changes to tiles
    • Each layer takes up the entire size of the stadium
    • Each layer can be seen from below
    • Tiles can be broken from below
  • Changes to Orb spawns
  • Changes to UI
  • Changes to Intro camera
  • Class select is back after every round
  • Increased Orb effectiveness
  • Updated results screen
  • Performance/bug fixes for smoother gameplay