Title: Patch Notes for (7th Dec)

  • New 'Space Settlement" Empty map (as seen on the stream)
  • In expensive operations we now show a “cogs working” symbol in the upper left of the screen for frame-rate dips to comply with Stadia requirements
  • Deprecated “Level Reached” stat replaced with new “UGC Challenges Complete” stat
    “Hours Spent Playing” stat fixed from achievement issue.
  • Dozens of quality improvements to new animation system to prevent most common visual glitches.
  • Lua API for having cross-user save data on a game
  • Fixed game crash when opening the Community tab in Advanced Edit mode
  • Fixed an occasional crash when joining a game with UGC Challenges
  • Fixed user crashing when attempting to reload the server in private preview after launching their character far off the Map
  • Fixed an occasional crash when joining a group
  • Fixed a rare crash when mantling
  • Fixed a rare crash where entities referenced by variables were destroyed
  • Fixed a rare crashed when joining a group as the group lead left
  • Fixed an issue where extremely large maps could crash the server when synchronising
  • Fixed a rare crash when user spams avatar changes
  • Fixed a rare crash on shutdown
  • Fixed a rare server crash caused by the websocket
  • Fixed a rare crash when joining games with leaderboards
  • Fixed a rare crash in the server when processing Lua
  • Fixed Drone music preview missing the visual effect for sound again

[Edit: Added Space Settlement starter map!]


Love the idea of patch notes! Thanks for sharing them with us!

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