Tower of Heck - Level Builder Blueprint

Game Name: Tower of Heck - Level Builder
Genre: Challenging 3D Platformer / Race
Share Link: Search for “Tower of Heck” in Blueprints

This is the Level Builder to my game “Tower of Heck” - Tower of Heck

Here you can build your own level to be included in the main game.

How to build a level

  • Take a look at the included example level. Then delete any voxels that you don’t need. You can add any meshes / voxel meshes you want, but please try to keep the entity count as low as possible.
  • We have to make sure that we don’t collide with meshes from adjacent tower sections. Either start the section with a JumpPad, or on the left side of the starting platform. End the section with a JumpPad or on the right side of the goal platform.
  • Make sure that you have no entities above the walls. A good level height is 1400 to 2000 units. The example level height is 1600 units.
  • If you want to change the level height use the Extrude tool on the walls (to make them higher or lower). Afterwards move the Top Locator so it’s aligned with the highest point of the walls again.

Best practices

  • Use the same Voxel color for the level and wall Voxels (Plastic (Dull))
  • Use Neon Voxels to indicate kill triggers

How to submit your level

  • Create a template of the “Level” locator
  • Include the template in a package with the name: Tower of Heck - My Level Name
  • Message Vilva in Discord

If you have any questions message Vilva#5980 in Discord and I’ll be glad to help :slight_smile:


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