Tower of Heck

Game Name: Tower of Heck
Genre: Challenging 3D Platformer / Race
Share Link: Crayta

Can you be the first to the top in this randomly generated Obby?

How to Play
Try to reach the top of the tower! After the time runs out you will be rewarded based on how far you got. Each player that reaches the top will accelerate the timer, so be quick!

If you want an extra challenge you can enable “Pro Mode”. This removes checkpoints but grants double rewards!


  • Boots
    The Boots increase your running speed. They are unlocked at Level 2.

  • Feather
    The Feather decreases gravity. Therefore you can jump higher and you fall slower. It is unlocked at Level 5.

  • Shovel
    The Shovel lets you place down up to 3 blocks. These blocks have collision, so you can jump on them or try to troll other players. It is unlocked at Level 10.

Thanks for Community Packages
Mighty Animations by Mightykho
NUI - XP and Levelling by nomaki
NUI - Location by nomaki
Bounce Pad by Russ

Special Thanks
LittleCreator + Mr. Pooky for using the Level Builder to contribute a section of the Tower.