Trade system

Hi, I was thinking that for many games a trading system between players would be great. I can think of several ways to implement it, although I do not know to what extent it is possible.

One of them would be with a UI similar to that of Russ’s stahs, where instead of being a tab from your inventory and another from the stash, one tab would be the objects or currency of player A and the other that of player B, one Once they both agree, the transaction is completed. Although I do not know if sharing the same UI interface simultaneously between 2 players is possible.

Another way that could work, would be an interface similar to the current default store, but in the sale tab, you could set the price yourself, either by currency or by another object that you request. and in the purchase tab you can see the objects that other players have left for sale.

I imagine a whole world of possibilities with a system even if it was similar to something of this.
If someone is interested in developing it and wants to contact me for ideas, or for testing I would be delighted, i,m “Vicentek” in Discord and in game

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Oh interesting, this would be a really interesting mechanic to work on. I’ll see about building this into a stream at some point!