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"Treasure Hunt" Build Jam Entry

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About The Blueprint:

You have come expecting a treasure hunt, but today we are the treasure defenders! The role is reversed and to protect the valuable treasure from numerous treasure hunters you must create a thrilling Tower Defence game!

To use the blueprint find it in the “Create A Game” tab!

Once you have chosen to “Create a new game” and chosen your own Game Title, feel free to explore the Demo world and watch the three tutorial videos below to understand how to create your very own tower defense game!
We have included a demo level to showcase our included assets, but this is just a starting point we can’t wait to see what you all can come up with!

Below is an album of screenshots of the example towers we have created for you to use!

As a Treasure Defender, you are tasked with creating a game where players can place various tower types to protect the valuable treasure.
Everything to do with the game design is configured by you, from the layout of the environment and route to the treasure, to the types of towers available and their properties. Everything else, such as the placement of towers to defend against waves of enemies is placed into the final game by the player!

Create any theme you wish for your game (for example Pirate, Jungle or Space!), decorate the surrounding environment, and then use our assets in this package (or create your own!) to make it a functional and exciting tower defence game so that players of your game can protect the treasure against waves of NPC’s!

We have made several types of tower already for you to use, but all towers are fully configuarable to create unique experiences for your players!

  • The “Cost” of a tower
  • The “Damage” a tower can deal
  • The Visual effects of a tower
  • How many upgradable tiers a tower can posess
  • The visuals of a tower (What it looks like)
  • The NPC’s attacking and their outfits

For the best results the tower needs to fit inside a 14x14 voxel area with whatever height you desire.

Below are three tutorial videos created by rubik_cube_man!

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