Do you want plants to blow in a particular direction? Do you want skulls, feathers or flowers to rise out of the ground and, lifted by a guiding wind, soar towards your destination? Do you want to nudge the player towards a particular location, with something a bit more interesting and cinematic than a marker or a compass? This is the package for you.

What does this look like?



  1. Install the package from the editor’s Community tab.
  2. Add the CWP_User_Wind script to your User template (templates > User)
  3. On the user template, set the wind’s target to an object of your choice.
  4. That’s it! Enjoy.

Optional - Plant Swaying

Optionally, you can have meshes sway to the wind. I use it for plants and trees, but it should work with just about anything. Once you’ve finished the steps above, do this:

  1. Enable the “Mesh Swaying” option in CWP_User_Wind.
  2. Add the CWP_Swayable_Mesh script to all meshes you want to sway towards the wind.
  3. Enable damage on them - they won’t actually receive any, it’s just for scripting purposes.
  4. You’re done!

I suggest setting up a single mesh this way, making a template out of it, and then copying and pasting that as many times as you want. That’s the fastest way. This is turned off by default because it can be quite heavy on performance, if used on a lot of meshes.

Further customization

This package is modular. It is divided in the following parts, which you can enable or disable through the CWP_User_Wind script. Here’s a detailed breakdown of what each one is, and how you can customize it:

Static and moving wind effects

The first is a wind effect blowing around the player when they activate the waypoint, the second a gust of wind that flies across the ground towards your target… You can modify them in the “Effects” tab. You can change the kind of effects they are by replacing the default template with another, and set their individual lifetimes - how long they exists before they are destroyed.

Wind objects

Objects that are caught by the wind and propelled towards your destination. You can choose what kind of object gets propelled by changing the template, and set its lifetime - how long they exist before they’re destroyed. Additionally, you can add as many objects as you want to the array, but don’t go overboard: it could cause performance issues.

Mesh swaying

In the User Settings script:
In the Mesh Swaying script: