Tree Sounds

We’ve got a lot of tree meshes that could use some sound love. Cracking branches (celery style), Uproot sounds, tree felling sounds, leaves rattling. I feel like these could be used for other purposes as well since they’re crunchy sounds if we played with the pitch a bit.

i.e. you could hide items inside bushes or trees and use the leaves rattling sounds as a sort of a foraging sound or as a planting/growing sound. The cracking/crunchy could be used for breaking weapons or items etc.

Thanks for considering -

Love what you’re doing!


With the announcement of mesh scaling - I can’t help but think these sounds would be awesome for growing/felling trees.

UP for this !

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Hi! Yes, sounds like a really useful selection of sounds to have. Will aim to get it into the next pack, sorry for the delay :slight_smile:

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