Trigger sign package

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AdamO - simple sign package
AdamO - simple image package
mochi - JS style for border and border-radius

  1. Features
  • onEnter trigger, spawn sign
  • turn visible to players in trigger
  • onExit of all players, destroy sign
  1. Install
  • add Trigger Sign template to mesh or Entity
  • locator widget, enable visible
  1. Trigger Sign Settings
  • Prefilled:
    OnEnter, OnExit, WidgetTemplate, WidgetLocator
  • Simulate Trigger Sign (trigger)
    • to preview the title and text changes
    • uncheck when finished if entity is to be moved
  • Locator Settings - Move - Rotate
    • for visual ease of widget position and rotation
    • these settings are used to place the widget
  • Trigger Sign (trigger)
    • Title will expand when filled in
    • Text will expand when filled in
    • Border - Toggle to display for Title or Text
  • Widget Settings
    • designed as a world widget
    • this is a template, settings not saved
  1. Trigger Sign Locator Template (optional)
  • if set to visible all players will see
  • sign will still destroy when no players are in trigger


2022-02-17 Initial Release
2022-02-18 Visual Sign left in editor, destroys on game load

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