Tropical Island Map build-a-base

Stadia/EGS Name: Kiosa#1146
Contributors: None
Package Name: *Tropical island Map - by Kiosa *
Package Description: *A fully built Tropical island with a mansion, village, dojo, beach, helicopter hanger, secret boat cave, an aquarium, lava nightclub, and secret tunnels. There are wide green open spaces and open room designs so you can add extra packages or your own designs to make this map truly yours.

Use this map for competitive multiplayer for shooter games, prop hunter, or a wildly new creation . Or use this map in a single player story game as the setting or another location. Or better yet, use this map to hang out with friends in this small, but dense map as a social hub.

Easy to install, Easy to place, Extremely light on GPU usage

Great map for adding new packages, templates, and more*
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Installation instructions
Step 1: install package
Step 2: drag tropical island out of voxelmesh category into game space.
Step 3 (Optional) : If you want to use the mesh i put into the map, go to templates,
drag locater_tropical_island, and put under the bottom of the gold column outside the lava pit near the bottom of the map. There are words written in voxels to guide you. If the meshes look out of place, rotate until it looks correct. Everything should be in place.