Turn any items into weapons (Joachim)

Author(EGS): Joachim Samaké

Package’s Name: ItemsToWeapons(Joachim)

Package’s Descriptions:
pick up objects to throw them at the enemy

Package’s Features:

  1. can pick up any object with “weapon” in its name
  2. can throw object at target or abandon action by dropping object
  3. can define a maximum throw distance, if the target is beyond this distance the package emits an alarm and the throw will be impossible
  4. the object once launched has the power to damage its target upon impact
  5. CameraShake at the impact Position


  1. when launched, the character does not aim with the crosshair but with his right hand where the item is attached

  2. the crosshair is used when the character aims at an item to pick it up with interact

  3. to transform an item into a weapon, its name must contain the word = “weapon” and that’s it, no need to touch its collision or its physics in the editor

  4. attach the “ItemsToWeaponsScript” script to your Player Template

Default keys can be set in the editor:

  • pick up: interact key
  • launch: left click key
  • leave: right click button

ShowCase Video:

How to Install video: