Tutorial Modded

Tutorial Modded

- Description -

OnLogin support for empty games, etc. Included OnInteract and Camera templates.

- Features -

drag and drop
(modded version updates)
updated init
show onlogin option
templates camera
tutorial board
preserve jump

- Install -

  • search for tutorial
  • check Crayta Packages
  • click Install
Tutorial Modded Old Version

- User Template -

  • drag and drop User Tutorial template onto User template
  • (optional) rename to Tutorial
  • Save Version change as desired
  • Show on Login (optional)
User Template userTutorialScript

- Cameras -

  • add template Tutorial Camera to world
  • place using Move To Drone
  • set Camera drag and drop camera
  • set Header
  • set Body
  • start with Index 1 and count up for additional cameras

- Tutorial Board -

  • (optional) add template Tutorial OnInteract to world
  • change mesh as desired
  • change Interact Prompt as desired
    • has function GetInteractPrompts
    • will display if Prompts package is installed and configured