Tycoon system modification

I would be very interested in some options other than the one that already exists in the tycoon scripts.
In the TycoonBuyableScript it would be wonderful if the property of “price” and “priceCurrencyTemplate” had the option container = “array”
in this way, to buy the “updatable” you would have as a requirement more than one template.
I have done some tests but I have not gotten it to work well, because the way I have done it it works if you have any of the templates and what I want is for it to consume all the ones you ask for.

It would also be great although perhaps more complicated, a kind of counter of how many times you have bought that updatable … I try to explain it better … let’s say the default tycoon … when you pay the price, the “buy template” appears in this case tycoon updatable … let’s imagine that when you have bought 10 or X “tycoon updatable” the next one you buy appears the “buy template2” which could be for example “improved tycoon updatable”, I don’t know if I have explained myself clearly