Unable to get font-family to change fonts in-editor or preview mode

I’m following along with the W3cSchool CSS tutorial and I can’t get any font-family changes to take effect either in-editor or in preview mode.

I’ve used the code from the Crayta website advanced tutorials-fonts, https://developer.crayta.com/using-fonts-in-crayta/, and it doesn’t seem to affect the font-family.

I’ve also downloaded community packages referenced to by Crayta website tutorials, https://tutorials.crayta.com/basic-tutorial-1-packages/, that have CSS based font-family changes and it appears to have no effect in that either.

For example in the RobotRunRace package, RobotRunRace_Finish widget has the CSS line: font-family: “Industry Book”, “Stadia”;
Commenting this out then running preview seems to have no effect. Nor does uncommenting it and running preview again.

Possibly a bug though I’m not familiar with Crayta, Gameface, or CSS so I’m assuming I’m doing something incorrectly.

Edit: It should go without saying, but I should probably mention just in case: I am saving all modified files prior to running Preview mode.