Upgradeable Weapons system


This Pack / Blueprint is a weapon upgrade system based on holding resources, that is, if you have the necessary resources, you can upgrade your weapon at the forge.
I tried to focus package on versatility of use and compatibility with current Crayta inventory and melee/firearm damage systems, feedback it, plz!

Basically, when you use this pack you have to think about: weapons, upgrades and resources… Weapons can contain crayta systems eg melee, pickupInventory …and they will work perfectly with this pack. Upgrades can be swapped on weapons so, when you get an upgrade, it is ready to use on all weapons that have it. Resource system has been created from scratch, so it’s a fully modular…the resources collected and the upgrades obtained in the weapons are saved in the user’s profile, so in later sessions they will be available

You have 2 options to use this module:

  • Downloading and installing the package (CVS Upgradeable Weapons, The Forge)
  • Trying the blueprint and customizing it (The Forge, blueprint)

Take a look to the video or / and the README file to avoid problems ;)… and enjoy!

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