UPL!NK - Cosmic Explorers - New Update!

Game Information

Game Name: UPL!NK - Cosmic Explorers

You have been sent out into the Cosmos and are tasked with finding a habitable location for humanity to continue.

Fight against others or team up as you explore and conquer the Cosmos. Scavenge loot and build up your credits. Upgrade and decorate your own Astro station. The choice is yours in this thrilling Tycoon adventure looter!

Package credits: AdamO → Screen Fade, Nomaki → NUI XP, Vilva → Music Player, NPC Enemies


UPL!NK - Cosmic Explorers v 1.1, v1. 2

  • Updated map design with increased lighting, added detail, and a bunch of collision removal across all 3 Uplink destinations
  • Updated shop UI to show a ‘Sell All’ button in place of the regular ‘Sell’ button if more than one item quantity is available for that item
  • Updated collection, prompts, and notifications UI with color coding
  • Updated common stave spawn in the base to be more visible
  • Added pickup on collision to all item spawns
  • Added credit drops to NPC’s
  • Increased maximum Explorer level to 75
  • Fixed an issue with inaccurate Explorer levels on the leaderboard
    • The issue was caused by progressing multiple levels within a single action. Loading into the game will resolve this for those affected and will update on the leaderboards automatically.
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UPL!NK - Cosmic Explorers v 1.3

The previous update brought an updated map design and some QoL changes. This update brings some endgame content…

Printer Prestiges

  • Maxed printers can now be prestiged
    • Prestiging will reset the printer back to Lv. 1
    • Player will be rewarded with a new special currency - Prestige token
    • The prestige token can be exchanged in the prestige section added to the bases’ store
    • Current exchangeable rewards include all stave color varities in maximum rarity
    • New leaderboard added: ‘Most Printer Prestiges’

Base Expansion

The base has been expanded to make room for the new… Cybo - Museum!

Cybo - Museum

Celebrate the season of Cybotanica by filling your Cybo - Museum with purchasable decorations made up of key season mesh assets!

Store changes

A navigation menu has been added to the store with two additional sections:

  • Staves
    • All color varieties of staves are now purchasable in common rarity
  • Prestige Store
    • All color varieties of staves are now exchangeable for prestige tokens in maximum rarity

Other changes

  • Fixed base stave spawn not disappearing on pickup
  • Reduced base stave spawn sell price to zero
  • Improved camera transition on login - It’s now really smooth
  • Probably some other things I’m forgetting…