Upload Image on companion site fails

I am trying to upload images that I can use in my widgets for a game I am creating. I am not able to upload images on the companion site. The requests always fail. In addition to this problem the site says there is a 6 image limit for in game UI images. This seems like an error, how can an account be limited to just 6 images for in game UI across all of their games?

I’ve raised this with the team, thanks for the report!

Hey, you’ll want to check out this shiny new guide I’ve written up on our website concerning uploading images - https://developer.crayta.com/uploading-images-for-your-game/

The requests failing is most likely due to the 1mb file size limit (although it’s known that currently the website doesn’t provide much feedback about that). Do check they’re under 1mb. The 6 image limit is in temporary storage, and once you’ve had the images approved and used them somewhere, e.g. made it a cover image for your game, you’re free to delete them from the temp storage and upload more

Side note: I think I’ve answered a similar question of yours elsewhere on the forum too, but hopefully by answering here as well anyone else who sees the problem will find the answers!