Uploading Custom UI Images[GUIDE]

I couldn’t find any tutorials or guides on this so I thought I would save everyone the trouble I went through figuring it out.

You can upload UI images at: https://create.crayta.com/images/uploadui

After you upload an image it gives you a url: https://live.content.crayta.com/ui_image/{IMAGE ID}_ui_image

After the image is approved, you can load your image in a browser window using the url.

But how do you actually access it in a game?
You can use it like you normally would use an image in HTML and CSS, just make sure you use the entire url, including the “https://”.

I tried loading arbitrary images off the internet and none of them loaded, as expected.

On another note:
I am concerned by the 6 image maximum. On the image management page(https://create.crayta.com/images/mine_ui), it says “Once you set an image as a game cover or supporting image, you can safetly delete it from this page.” This is confusing because the images uploaded there are for UI and not game covers or supporting images. I’m assuming deleting the these images would make them no longer available for UI. This means that across all my games and packages I can only use 6 images. And if I publish a package with custom UI images, deleting one of the UI images would break the package for anyone using it in their game.

I am not able to upload an image. The request fails each time. I am also concerned about the 6 image limit. This seems like an extremely limiting factor to only allow 6 images per account.

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Hey, perfect place to drop in the new tutorial page I added yesterday > https://developer.crayta.com/uploading-images-for-your-game/

The request failing is most likely down to image size (they must be <1mb, although it’s known that currently we don’t have the best feedback on the website for that). The 6 image “limit” is only for the temporary storage, so once your image is being used somewhere, you’re free to remove it from the temp storage and upload more, and it will still remain where it’s been used - it just means you can’t upload tons of unapproved images all in one go (that’s also written up in that guide above)

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Awesome! A tutorial was definitely needed.

Also, thank you for the info on the 6 image limit for UI images.
“For the UI images, you are free to upload as many of these as you like, and when approved they will become permanent.”

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