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We are developing worlds in Crayta to support our online education activities at www.wroff.com. Crayta supports our vision of online tutoring. We are investigating how to create scripts which can open URL’s in chrome when activated. The user must be able to close the new browser session and return to the game where left. Any hints would be appreciated.

We understand that there might be security issues that must be handled.

Our focus is to have Crayta as the central Classroom Hub. The students meet in Crayta when the class starts. Some activities will be inside Crayta and some will be outside. We what it to be easy and intuitive to “pop in and out” of Crayta without leaving. When leaving it should be like pressing “F11”.

Scenario: A student activates a url for a google document for collaborative writing. When done the user closes the chrome window and returns to Crayta and continues playing.


Hi @WROFF_com, as mentioned in discord we believe that Crayta has superb educational potential, so it’s great to hear about the above.

I completely get where you’re coming from with the idea of being able to open URLs in Crayta to go to gdocs etc. It’s something that we would like to find a way to support, although we don’t have anything like that in place currently.

Is the collaborative writing for the game design? The scripting windows in Crayta do fully support collaborative editing (the same as gdocs), so would students writing in those windows (maybe within a comment block) fulfil your initial need?

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This is a great idea.

One of the issues is that Crayta kicks you back to the social starting area after you’re AFK for too long.

This idea would probably also benefit greatly from improvements to the PC Stadia client. A windowed mode specifically so transitioning between Crayta and the browser is easier.

Also, copying and pasting between Crayta and the PC environment is essential.

Hi Chris. Thank you for your positive feedback.

WROFF will be using Crayta for a variety of subjects in our online tutoring program.

Writing in a shared document with the tutor and/or other students is often part of the session.

We will be using the existing and great code editor in Crayta for our collaborative game creation. However, the writing functionality inside Crayta has limitations and our students might need to leave Crayta. They might be working on a design document with images, drawings and calculations.

I would recommend a model for leaving and returning to Crayta. Being able to leave and return would also be useful to other users and have a greater potential. WROFF is using a selection of tools and other education institutions might have other requirements.

All our students are using Google Classroom. In their Classroom they have links to other tools that they are using. It might be GeoGebra or a Google Jamboard.

I see myriade of solution models and I’m not sure what would be best.

I want the process of leaving and returning to Crayta to be optimised.


  1. I’m with my tutor and fellow students inside Crayta
  2. I leave Crayta
  3. I work on my Google Document or other URL-site
  4. I want to return to Crayta
  5. I enter Crayta where I left
  6. I continue in Crayta

Very much like pressing F11 - but a bit more refined.

This is just some thoughts and a more thorough brainstorming session might be needed. I would like to be involved in the process.

All the best.


Hi Michanikos
I agree, your thoughts about having a secure transition model have potential.

Thank you for the additioanl details, and I now more fully appreciate the need for switching between Crayta and other tabs such as Google Docs.

Clicking on a link in script to open a new tab might be problematic for security reasons, but presumably an alternative would be to be able to copy and paste both in and out of Crayta. Plus State Share Beta links in a Google Doc should provive the immediate access back into the same session in Crayta.

Copy and paste is something that we are actively looking into, and we hope to be able to share some news on that in the near future.

Hi Chris

Thank you for your comments.

I agree that there might be security issues if users or developers can insert random links.

Additionally to being able to copy and paste you could perhaps have a list of verified/approved domains/URL’s.

Opening Google Classroom in a new Google Chrome Tab by a click would be great. Link: https://classroom.google.com/.

Opening a new Tab in the Chrome Browser on a laptop/PC/Chromebook would not be a challenge. Google Classroom is an App on Android and IOS’s devices. I’m not sure how playing on a Chromecast will work.

Your suggested solution might be the best for now. I’m looking forward.



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