User Compass

This package provides a compass across the top of the screen to direct the user to various things.


  • Customizable colors
  • Custom images
  • Font Awesome icons
  • Google Material icons
  • Dot indicator
  • Square indicator
  • Variable opacity name and distance displays based on what you’re actually looking towards


  • Install the “User Compass” pacakge.
  • Place the User Compass Template on the user
  • For each entity you want to direct the user to, add a “compassTargetScript” to the new userCompassTemplate1 on the User
  • Set the entity to point towards, the name of the target, and the type of indicator you want to display

Optionally, you can display the target icon in the world, above the target itself. To do this, check off “Display World Indicator”, and input the minimum distance the player should be from the target to see it.

You should be good to go!

Sample Properties:

Preview Image:

Preview Video: User Compass Package (Crayta) - YouTube


October 11th 2021 update

  • Added a “world indicator” feature, available in the properties of the compass target script

April 25th 2022

There’s 2 new properties on the compass target script

  • alwaysShow
  • minimumDistance

If always show is unchecked, you can set the minimum distance value in cm. If the player is within that distance, the icon will show up on the compass.

Keep in mind there’s separate properties for the world indicator if you’re already using that

April 26th 2022

  • Fixed a problem where the world indicator wasn’t working after the last update
  • worldCompassScript now searches the whole world for targets, rather than just the parent
  • Fixed a probably where you could scroll the compass and world indicators up and down when the cursor was enabled