User Reward System

Here is a package the can be used to reward users with a series of rewards. This is a good package to use alongside the Daily Login Tracking System package for rewarding players each day that they log into your game.

This can also be used to determine which rewards a player should get after completing a certain number of objectives, level reach etc.

Installing the package

  1. Go to the community tab in the editor and search for Reward System
  2. Click Install
  3. Drag the UserRewardSystem script folder onto the User template
  4. Drag the RewardData into the World tree

RewardData Entity
The RewardData entity and it’s children control what the rewards are as well as the order in which the user will receive them. The rewardSpecScript handles this information. The template comes with 3 examples.


  • rewardType - this determines what the reward is (Gift / Message / SpeedBoost). Each type has it’s own properties for configuring
  • rewardIndex - determines the order in which the rewards are received

This is the script folder that needs to be attached to the User template. In order for the system to know what the rewards are you’ll need to assign the rewardDataEntity property on the userRewardScript

Rewarding players
To reward a user based on the reward data you’ve set up, you’ll need to call RewardUser(userEntity, rewardIndex) on a given user entity. This will then give that user the reward that matches the index provided.

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