User XP for Activities

A quick way to get the new activity XP in your games, drop this onto the user template to display when a player has gained XP.


Go to the community tab and search “Display Activities XP”.
Install the package
Drag UserXP template onto the User entity.
Make sure to add your Activities to the Game tab.
You will need to use the function SendXPEvent() from the API to call your activities within your own game scripts.

I recommend looking at the Collection Game or another one of the Crayta template games to see an example of activities that have already been setup.


There are some properties that can be tweaked for the display of XP:


stack = How many messages to stack before they get removed.


displayTime = How long to display a message before it disappears.
XPFullDisplayText = Change the message that gets displayed when you pick up activity XP.

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Thanks. I tried this, but whenever I change the display time to lower than the default (5 I believe), the message stays up for only a few miliseconds.

Also, I placed this on interact and it was awarded twice each time I interact.

I will have a look at why the display time doesn’t seem to be be working.

What do you mean by you placed it On Interact? You shouldn’t need to call this via that events, you should be using the API function SendXPEvent().

I’m not able to reproduce the display time issue, I thought I would add some screenshots to better illustrate how the setup should work:

User Template

Game tab (Activities)

Example API call

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