Valley of the End ( NARUTO )

The Valley of the End is located close to the border of the Land of Fire and the Land of Sound. Shortly after the foundation of Konoha, the Senju’s leader, Hashirama Senju became the First Hokage, much to the dismay of the fallen Uchiha leader, Madara Uchiha, who intended to destroy the village with the forced assistance of Kurama — the Nine-Tails. The valley was carved out by Hashirama’s Top Transformed Buddha’s barrage. The battle ended with Hashirama victorious, Madara escaping his death and going into hiding, and Kurama being sealed within Hashirama’s wife, Mito Uzumaki.
The destructive power displayed in the epic battle left a scar in the earth that would come to be called the Valley of the End. With the waterfall serving as a border between the Land of Fire and the land that was later known as the Land of Sound, the valley was later memorialised with two giant statues of the main combatants: Hashirama on the Land of Fire’s side of the waterfall and Madara on the opposite side to symbolise his defection from their village. The statues are posed to make the Traditional Shinobi Sparring’s Seal of Confrontation, which is protocol before a duel.

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