Variables do not work for border-color

Describe the bug:
If describe variable in :root in CSS and use variable for border-color property - it does not work

How do you cause this bug?
Here is the widget code:


            :root {
                --line-color: rgba(32, 254, 255, 1);

            .test0 {
                background-color: var(--line-color);
                width: 5rem;
                height: 5rem;
            .test {
                border-width: 5rem; 
                border-color: var(--line-color);
                border-style: solid;
                background-color: white;
                width: 5rem;
                height: 5rem;

            body {
                background-color: black;

        <div class="test0">
        <div class="test">

Compare how this looks in browser and in widget in Crayta. Browser shows light blue border on second box. In Crayta it is black, but light blue color from variable is used on background of first box successfully. Expected that it works in both.

Screenshots / video of bug:

In browser:

in Crayta:

Which platform: PC / Stadia

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