(Vilva) Portal Gun

Package Name: (Vilva) Portal Gun
Creator: Vilva#9953

An experimental tool designed to place two portals that objects can pass through. Also enables you to pick up meshes. Includes a Fizzler to destroy portals and a Mesh Spawner.


I prepared a showcase game with some examples of how the package can be used. The showcase is remixable, so I advise you to open it in the Editor and take a look at how everything is configured.

Showcase link: Crayta

  • Install the package: (Vilva) Portal Gun
  • Set up the inventory package if not already done
  • Assign the “Portal Gun Weapon” template to the user with the “inventoryDefaultScript”


Press Left-Click / Primary to place the green portal. Press Right-Click / Secondary to place the purple portal. You can only have one of each portal.

If a player placed down both portals they become active. Any character or mesh that enters a portal is launched out of the linked portal. Velocity is converted according to the portal rotation. This enables you to make puzzles that depend on momentum.

Portals can be placed on any Voxel Mesh. You can prevent portals from being placed by attaching the “PortalGunNoPortalsScript” to a Voxel Mesh.

Mesh Spawner

Interact with the Mesh Spawner to spawn a mesh. Each Spawner limits its meshes to one entity. If there is an old mesh in play it will get destroyed.

Carrying Meshes

The Portal Gun can pick up and carry any mesh that has the “PortalGunMeshScript” attached. Interact with a mesh to pick it up, interact again to drop it.


The Fizzler is a trigger that prevents you from shooting portals through it. It destroys the portals of a player that enters it. It also destroys any meshes that come into contact.

The Fizzler is meant to lock-off different levels in your game. It prevents cheating by carrying meshes from one level to the next.

  • Plasma for the “Show Trigger” package that is used to visualize the Fizzler
  • Special thanks to the “Physics Gun” package, which inspired me to include holding meshes
  • sinjin for the “Tutorial Modded” package, which is used in the showcase game

If you have any questions or feedback, reach out to me (Vilva#5980) in the Crayta Discord :slight_smile: